Are you licensed?

All of our professionals are strictly pre-qualified and must be a registered plumber and gas fitter. This is to ensure the quality of the work performed for you, and of course for safety reasons.

In addition, all plumbers we work with must carry the appropriate insurances and public liability policies.

How much does a typical plumbing job cost?

We tend not to think of any job as being typical. This is because we like to provide a service that is focused on your needs and providing solutions to your particular circumstances. One of plumbers will ask you some quick questions to assess your needs and most likely give you a guideline to job cost over the phone.

To be accurate with our estimates, however, we do prefer to come on site and carry out an assessment – this reduces the risk of surprises to both parties and help ensure a successful outcome.

Which areas of the Central Coast do you service? 

If you are located in any suburb of the Central Coast, we’ll happily offer our services to you. Our plumbers have vehicles that are well equipped with all tools, equipment and materials needed for most residential plumbing jobs. This means our plumbers are very mobile without problem and can carry out work onsite with ease.

What sort of plumbing jobs do you do?

Our team is happy to do all types of plumbing work, including sewerage, storm water drainage, installations (i.e. toilets, sinks, showers, etc.), maintenance and repairs, etc. If you think you are in need of some plumbing work, please do not hesitate to contact us – we’ll be happy to assist.

Do you do residential plumbing or only commercial plumbing? 

We do both – our clients are a mixture of residential and commercial clients and we are just as happy servicing both. We have plumbers that are more experienced in some areas over others, so once we have an understanding of your requirements we will be sending the most qualified and suitable plumber for your job.

If you’re the owner of a commercial premises such as a cafe, restaurant or take away, we understand how inconvenient and disruptive a plumbing issue could be to your business. We’ll make every effort to prioritise your job and have you fixed up in no time.

Will you clean up any mess you make?

Absolutely – we’re about ensuring dealing with us as satisfactory as possible so you can recommend us to others and help us maintain a successful local business.

If in you’re into your history and want to learn a little bit more about plumbing generally, check out this Wikipedia Page.