Our drain cleaning skills are second to none and our plumbers are experts in cleaning drains on the Central Coast. If the drain can be cleaned, we can do it. We have specialist equipment and tools, the experience and knowledge to handle any problem you are having with your water, storm water, or sewerage pipes.

Does the water drain slowly down your sink or your toilet? Do you feel like your shower is flooding? These signs indicate that the flow through the pipes is not clear and is being obstructed.

From our experience, most obstructions in drains are caused by cooking fats & grease, hair, sanitary products and tree roots. Similar to many things in life, often prevention is the best cure. Keep an eye on what is going down drains, showers, toilets and sinks. Keep an eye on the kids and educate them in putting waste in a bin rather than down drain. This is also more environmentally friendly.

Our drain cleaning procedures largely depend upon the problem at hand. They could involve high pressure water jets, electric drain cleaners, and others depending upon the situation. Electric drain cleaners are very effective in clearing most blockages in drains, both water and sewerage. They are strong and can break down and remove tree roots that have penetrated water pipes.

We strongly advise that if you notice a problem with your drainage, to call us sooner than later.

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