There’s nothing worse than a blocked drain. You’ve been watching the water take longer and longer to go down the drain for weeks now and finally, it’s not going down the drain.

Many factors may cause a blocked drain, and depending on where the drain and blockage will determine the time and procedure to unblock the drain.

Blocked drains can be caused by grease/fat poured into the kitchen sink & solidifying, hair in the shower, toilet & bathroom sink, tree roots penetrating through pipes, foreign objects flushed down the toilet, and many more.

Various tools are used to determine what the cause of the drain blockage is and once we have the issue diagnosed we will discuss pricing with you so you have no nasty surprises.

Tip: If it is a blockage in the bathroom and a member of your family has long hair, then you can be confident that the blockage in the drain is caused by a build-up of hair. If the problem is in your shower (which is very common), remove the drain grate and with a pair of gloves on reach in a feel around – often you will detect the blockage quickly and can remove the unwanted build-up.

We know blocked drains on the Central Coast. We know the suburbs of the Coast and we know the plumbing history of each suburb which enables us to diagnose the problem quickly.